Buddhist Institute of Tibetan Art (BINTA) in Braunschweig


Meanwhile, Chhemet comes to the Braunschweig Buddhist Center almost every year in order to pass on the art of building statues to interested Diamondway Buddhist students. The training of a statue sculptor lasts between 6 to 10 years. As agreed upon with Lama Ole Nydahl, in Braunschweig clay statues can also be sculptured for our Diamondway centers by advanced students.

We aim to keep the knowledge of traditional Tibetan art alive by giving practical art courses and, in accordance with this tradition, would like to “move on“ artistically speaking. That´s why we founded an institute which provides the necessary frame for this particular activity. BINTA is located in the Braunschweig Buddhist Center.

Being in exchange with Lama Ole, statues can be built that correspond to the unique expression of the Karma Kagyu lineage. In building statues, the study of iconometrics (i.e. guidelines on measurement and proportion), of iconography (i.e. the method of determining and interpreting motives in visual arts) and sculptural moulding are paramount. Likewise, the use of iconometrics is of high importance in drawing statues along with a focused drawing and the use of line. Apart from participating in courses given by authorized teachers, the disciples have to continuously train their skills. We have entered a path which will take a long way to go. Knowing about forms and proportions, clay and bronze statues can be produced in Europe in the long run.