The Goal: transmission of Buddhist Art


 The goal is to be trained to become independent statue builders and thangka painters. It has become possible to go through a solid formation conducted by statue building master Chhemet Rigzin in building statues in the Western hemisphere.


 In Ladakh, this formation lasts between 6 to 17 years while working intensively with the master on a daily basis. During the education, the students draw and model over several years (the duration is due to the student´s capacities and personal input and one might have to remodel a certain form time and again). The following Buddha forms and Buddha aspects have already been built under Chhemet Rigzin´s guidance:


  • Buddha Shakyamuni,
  • Green or White Liberatice (tib.: Dolmar; sansk.: Tara),
  • Black Coat (tib.: Bernagchen; sansk.: Mahakala),
  • Loving Eyes /Milarepa/Tilopa or other forms


 Every year, Chhemet Rigzin gives courses in the workshop of the Buddhist Center Braunschweig (see the course dates for the coming up year further down).

 Participation in an introductory course is compulsive. Everybody having participated successfully in a course and having completed a statue will be certified. After completion of the training the participants receive a certificate which empowers them to work independently.



Ateiler 1




Course with Chhemet, 2015